Gravel & Gold Launches New Print-Centric Clothing Line

Rejoice, pattern-lovers! Much-beloved Mission boutique Gravel & Gold has just launched its first in-house label, dubbed Gravel & Gold Goods, and boy are the offerings print-tastic. The first shipment includes just four items—a tank, tee, tank-dress, and T-shirt dress—all featuring an original "Panda Face" print in blue or green on either white organic cotton, black silk noil, or blue silk noil. To hear more about the line (which retails from $140 to $255), we caught up with one of Gravel & Gold's owners, Cassie McGettigan. Find out about the inspiration behind the brand, plus future plans, below!
Why did you guys decide to launch the line? "We've wanted to make our own designs from the very beginning. After a few years of running the shop and surrounding ourselves with right-on things, we came to believe that in order to make anything feel right, you've got to get all of its aspects—the materials, shape, function, how it's made—feeling right. So, we thought it was our time to give it a go. Mostly, we're wanting to focus on textile design combined with simple, joyful, easy-to-wear shapes."

The "Panda Face" print is so cute! What inspired it?

"If I said psychedelic-Bauhaus-meets-Marimekko, would that be too much? Really, it's a combination of a lot of forms I often draw: Boats, eyes, floral swirls, and silly animals that make my mom laugh."

Who's involved with the new line?

"My goodness, so many people. Lisa Foti-Straus and I worked with Holly Samuelsen, our resident tailor, to come up with the patterns. I drew our print by hand on a big 45" x 55" acetate, with was hand-screen-printed here in the city by Zoo Ink. And everything was sewn in-house mostly by, or under the supervision of, Holly. We gained a last-minute intern/lifesaver, Nadia Erwee, who's helped tremendously with the sewing. Also, we set up a sewing studio in Bolinas behind the Gospel Flat Farm stand, and a bunch of talented ladies came up and lent a hand with the sewing, as well: Rachel Kaye, Tessa Watson, and Susan Hoff."

We know it's just the beginning, but when will we see new Gravel & Gold Goods pieces?

"We're on the dribble tip, for sure. We're all hoping to take it kinda easy this August, and then get back at it come September. We already have the prints and the shapes lined up. I'm so excited for the next batch!"

Want to find out more about the Gravel & Gold Goods debut? Check out these behind-the-scenes snaps of the making of the label in Bolinas.

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