GQ Names Mark Zuckerberg Worst Dressed In Silicon Valley

The ubiquitous GQ cast its eyes on our very own men of Silicon Valley this week. Unfortunately, not for their great contributions to, well, the modern world, but instead rating which of them qualify as the 15 worst-dressed techies in the valley. (insert sad face here). But it's all pretty much in good fun, with famed Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg topping the list—and most likely laughing all the way to the bank. The image used to illustrate this point however, was way off, showing Zuckerberg in one of his more dapper getups (collared shirt, blazer, tie, and dark denim). Steve Jobs, LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman, Craig Newmark, and investor Ron Conway also made the list, along with 10 other somewhat shabby fellas. we're thinking a Best-Dressed Men of Silicon Valley roundup might be in our future. Anyone with us? Nominations welcome in the comments!
OH SNAP! Update, people! Ben Huh, from ICanHasCheezburger, who landed #10 on GQ's list, has posed a challenge to the men's glossy! He suggests a style showdown in which he dresses himself to the best of his abilities and then gives the GQ editors a turn at him. There will then be a blind vote where fans choose the winner. Um, we are totally loving this!

Photo: Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg

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