This Is Our Jam: Gorillaz (Featuring James Murphy and André 3000), "DoYaThing"

Last week, Converse released its latest “Three Artists, One Song” collaboration that teamed Gorillaz’ Damon Albarn with LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Outkast’s André 3000. The result was “DoYaThing,” a pop song truly for the internet age — awesome in theory, but a bit lackluster in execution.
Fortunately, that iteration was only a taste of what the artists had concocted, and a thirteen minute extended version soon surfaced online. While the original featured Albarn’s slurred sing-rap and a pretty decent André 3000 verse, the extended cut draws out Murphy’s penchant for electro-weirdness and hits a groove similar to one you'd find on LCD Soundsystem’s 45:33. The result turns a mediocre corporate experiment into a bizarre journey through alt-pop excess. When “DoYaThing” ends with André 3000 repeating “I’m the shit!” ad nauseum, you’re right there with him. (107.7 The End)
Gorillaz (Featuring James Murphy and André 3000)
"DoYaThing" [MP3]
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