Google Launches Its Game-Changing iPad App: Google Catalogs

A look at Sephora's iPad-friendly Google Catalog, which includes super-useful how-to videos and click-to-purchase buttons on every product.
If you're as much as a catalog-junkie as we are (but sort of saddened by how fast all that paper stacks up), you're going to love Google's new—and much needed!—iPad app, Google Catalogs. The free app, which launches today, allows users to flip through their favorite catalogs on a crisp, clear iPad screen, tag products and images they like (and build inspiration collages with them if they wish), and even click to buy. And it's not just fashion fans who will dig it. The game-changing app is divided into seven areas: Women's Fashion & Apparel, Men's Fashion & Apparel, Jewelry, Beauty, Kid/Toddler/Baby, Gifts, and Home, which means there's everything in there from Urban Outfitters and Sephora catalogs (with neat-o video content!), to Crate + Barrel and West Elm. While there are more than 50 brands involved in the tablet now, the folks at Google are hoping to add that big daddy of all catalogs—the mega-inspiring J.Crew book!—super-soon. Want to see Google Catalogs in action? Check out this easy-to-understand video on Google's blog and download the app over at the iTunes store. Now get ready to chuck the next snail mail catalog that comes to your door and de-clutter your life...if just a little bit.

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