Does Google Have A Problem With Overweight Employees?

If you're not in ideal shape, you may have to say “Google-bye” to working at the search engine powerhouse.
After a New York City gal completed her successful phone interview and went in for the test portion of her Google interview, she observed that out of 20 applicants, only seven weren’t called back. The seven? All overweight. We think it’s great that Google promotes a healthy lifestyle for employees with, at some locations, fitness classes, but if this woman's story is to believed, there may more of a sinister motive behind that perk. According to the job applicant, the LSAT-like exam she had to take contained logic questions, of which two out of the three were focused on fitness. Google denies any sort of weight discrimination, which isn’t specifically illegal, but the potential employee isn't sold, telling Jezebel that when the heavier applicants were escorted from the Google office, "There was not one fat person left in the pool," and that the HR official "separated out the fatties." What do you think? Is Google discriminating, or was this situation just a horrible coincidence?


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