13 Great TV Shows About Best Friends That Aren’t Friends

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
When you think of a TV show about friends, you probably think of... Friends. They really nailed it with the title. But, there are so many other great TV shows about friends out there. Of course, most shows involve friendships in one way or another, but I'm talking about shows where the friendships are really the main takeaway.
And, yeah, that still lives a lot to choose from. But, if you are looking for a show you maybe haven't tried before for your next marathon, the following slideshow has 13 options to choose from. Your eighth Sex and the City rewatch can wait.
There are friends dealing with weird supernatural occurrences. Friends whose husbands leave them for each other. Friends who decide to raise a baby together. Friends who get really drunk, fight each other, and fist pump at clubs only to find themselves in mature, lifelong relationships that will probably see their kids end up married. (Any guesses as to what that one is?)
Read on to find out more about these 13 shows, watch their trailers, and see where to stream them. And, of course, if you like a show, be sure to tell your own best friend about it, too. For friendship means always sharing your TV recommendations

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