How To Feel Better About Having A Socially Distant Summer

Illustration by Kgabo Mametja
There’s no question about it: We’re living in unprecedented times, and change is (finally) happening on all fronts — locally, nationally, and globally. This season, Unbothered and Target are proud to partner on a platform to keep that momentum going by sharing the stories of Black women who are reclaiming joy, defying stereotypes, and proving that summer is definitively not canceled. 
While this summer looks plenty different than last year's, for many reasons, that doesn't mean you need to go crying over all the cutout one-pieces and backless bodysuits that will never see a 2020 beach or roof hang. In the latest episode Go Off, Sis, the podcast from Refinery29's Unbothered, Senior Editor Stephanie Long presents a three-part mantra for the season: "hydration, meditation, and affirmation."
"Internal stress such as anxiety and depression, all of this contributes to an inflammatory response," Long says. "Just [surrender] to what is going on and pivoting, and just [settle] into what reality is. Because the more you try of fight against it, the more that's going to stress you out."
Continuing the theme of trying not to descend into the quarantine "hell zone," actress and singer Keke Palmer joins the conversation and offers her perspective on comedy in the time of COVID and being okay with not being okay sometimes.
"This is some crazy stuff," Palmer says. "This is literally crazy, and we can't pretend that we're okay all the time. I'm not okay all the time. I don't think anybody is. I think also giving ourselves some grace to say some days you're going to feel as out of it as the world is. That's the reality, I think."
For more relatable quar-talk, listen to the latest episode here.

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