Get Perfect Hair And Nails With These Luxe Fixes From Beauty Company!

The perfect fall outfit will go 10 times further when your hair looks gorgeous and your nails are fly. Beauty Company’s expert technique will turn dull hair and nails into the very image of perfection, so you can save up for the fall dress you’ve been eyeing. Right now when you spend $23 on a signature manicure and pedicure at Beauty Company, you’ll score the full exclusive (normally $35). Your fingers and toes will be treated to an organic lemongrass soak before your nails are shaped, buffed, and pampered to sparkling perfection, with super-emollient moisturizer and a massage to follow—you’ll lounge in comfy chairs while the Beauty Company team works its magic. Does your mane need some maintenance? Opt for a blow-out at just $23 (normally $40), and leave feeling red-carpet-ready. Reserve either and also receive a gift bag and invitation to the VIP "Bang It Out Party" on August 23, where you’ll score free bang-trims and face-framing! Get everything on-point this month to start the fall fashion season in prime condition with Beauty Company!

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