Front and Center: The Latest Scarf Styles Get Tied Up

We've seen keffiyehs wrapped in casually calculated poses, bandannas low slung for a cowboy-meets-anarchist feel, and petite neckerchiefs tied in perky knots. The latest scarf shape, however, takes a more dignified approach. Worn over the shoulders and tied neatly in front, the classic preppy look has been resurrected by the street scene crowd. The look first got our attention when in José Ramon Reyes' fall 2008 show. Inspired by Whit Stillman's Last Days of Disco the show and the look captures the chic hipness of the recent Hampshire grad mixing her publishing day job workwear and Studio 54 diggs while stealing pieces from her uptown mom's closet. But you aren't limited to Hermés: We caught the look in Berlin with bright yellow tights, in Los Angeles with questionably authentic Chanel, and in Melbourne with a creatively-styled button-up managing to mimic a ladylike silhouette.

Street Clash, Berlin, Germany.

, Los Angeles, California.
Street Peeper, Melbourne, Australia.
Reyes, Fall 2008, via