Here's How You Can Get A Free Tiny Home

Photo: Getty Images.
While part of the appeal of tiny homes is the relatively low cost of acquisition — most will set you back only about $20,000 — that's still not exactly chump change. Which is why a company called Escape's new program has us excited. The tiny home manufacturer is renting tiny homes to Airbnb hosts, who will then install them on their land and walk away with 40% of every booking they make in their tiny home.
According to House Beautiful, Escape is currently seeking partners who live at least 100 miles from a major metropolitan area, are willing to pay for insurance, utilities, maintenance, and cleaning, and have a space big enough to comfortably store the home.
If it sounds too good to be true, well, maybe it kind of is? You're unfortunately prohibited from actually living inside the tiny home, since the whole point is renting it out for others to experience (and, uh, for the company to get paid). That being said, if you've ever dreamed of downsizing but don't want to just go for it without spending some time in a tiny home first, this could be the perfect trial situation.
And since Escape allows partners to buy the tiny homes from them — seems like they're banking on us getting attached, which, fair — you can put all that Airbnb money you'll be making towards something good. Just make sure to lock that home up tight, as tiny home theft is apparently on the rise.