This Is The Best Week To Score Major Deals On Fragrance

We’ve long fantasized about a shopping app that applies airfare-tracker technology to our favorite beauty buys. By pinpointing the best days, weeks, and times to save on our regular shampoo, for example, we’d know exactly when to stock up and how to avoid paying retail altogether. That's the dream, right?
Until that app is developed, savings site RetailMeNot is giving us the next best thing: company intel on how to score the best fragrance deals of the year. With perfume consistently weighing in as one the most expensive beauty products in our arsenal, the discovery is a revelation. After analyzing extensive data on the volume and quality of fragrance deals offered during each week of 2016, the savings site uncovered the smartest time to shop for perfume each year — and surprisingly, it’s not ahead of Mother’s Day or even Christmas, but... next week.
As the site found, some scents can be had for close to a 40% discount come the fourth week of May. To up the ante, RetailMeNot is offering its own cash-back deals — many of which can be used in tandem with retailers’ Memorial Day offers. For next week only, see how to access some of the lowest perfume prices of the year, ahead. Thanks to analytics, this summer may be the sweetest(-smelling) yet.

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