Help Make This Innovative Food Incubator The Real Deal!

The Bay Area is bustling with aspiring chefs and restaurateurs alike, but actually launching a business (and keeping it afloat) is no walk in the park. Between the law-binding jargon and permits, we can only imagine the obscene obstacles potential owners face. Luckily, a few kind-spirited entrepreneurs are here to save the day. Brought to us by the founder of Underground Market, a wildly successful initiative showcasing local food makers, Forage Kitchen is a venue that hopes to operate in a similar vein.
The shared culinary space will help smaller businesses get out in the public eye by allowing them to thrive in a professional setting. The space (already selected!) would come equipped with a meat-curing room, industrial kitchen, café, and more! The only ingredient missing? A few thousand buckaroos to bring it to fruition. Right now, Forage Kitchen is sitting pretty at $95,600, but it needs to reach $150,000 in Kickstarter funding to make it happen and only has three days left. If you’re looking to add money to the campaign and bring this innovative idea to life, you gotta be quick. Plus, depending on the donation, you can swing a ticket to the venue's fancy feasts, access to the kitchen, or score a swanky private dinner for up to 80 guests and featuring...what else...foraged wild ingredients. Yum.

Photo: Via Forage SF