Say What? Austin Beats S.F. In New Techy Poll

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We smart phone-obsessed Bay Area dwellers can certainly brag about our awesome tech-focused city, thanks to the holy trinity of local companies Google, Facebook, and Twitter (among many, many others). But, when it comes to how quickly we’re actually able to download all of the awesome innovation coming outta S.F., there’s another city that has us beat. Um, shocker alert!
According to a study by the metric trackers at Pando Networks, the place where you can start playing Angry Birds and the like the fastest is none other than Austin, Texas — which reaches speeds up to 841 KB per second.
Uh…we thought everything was supposed to be bigger in Texas — not faster! Meanwhile, Tech Crunch reports that S.F. takes salty seconds with broadband speeds of 828 KB per second.
Check out the rest of the article here, and see where the other major cities ranked, including R29 sister cities NYC, L.A., and Chicago. Next year, we're hoping victory will be ours.
Photo: Via Apple

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