Holy Moly: The Newest Menswear Fashion Blog Comes From A Pastor

Though most folks turn to pastors for biblical rather than sartorial guidence, Miami/Dallas megachurch minister Ed Young is doing his damnest (oops, darnedest) to preach a bit of style from the pulpit. Holding forth from Pastorfashion.com (can't believe that address was free), Young offers what he calls "Fashion Tips For the Faithful" tailored to an evangelical audience (a set not known for refined tastes). Unfortunately, we're not down with all of this lay pastor's commandments. He's against "sensual" dressing, belts with suits, and, one would assume, sex before marriage.
But we, like Young, believe that bulky suits are unholy and that, "square-toe shoes are from the Devil". And, we applaud Young's effort to bring standards to his flock, even if he comes off like Ned Flanders trying to "kick it" with the kids. "If people take a step and think about it they would see it. God created color, God created design. He created things that look nice and we're simply doing what he wants us to do. Being a follower of Christ should be cool because God is cool, God is hip." We're no theologians, but we never thought of God as Karl Lagerfeld — or vice versa for that matter. Generally, though, we're going stick to Glenn O'Brien for menswear tips and keep our own counsel on the rest, if no one minds. What say you? Should religion and fashion mix, or is vanity a true sin? (ABC)
Video/Photo: Via ABC.

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