Fake Cracks, Gossip Girl Becomes a Reality Show, and McQueen Has Our Number

fake-ass-crackAre fake ass cracks a new trend? Please say yes. (Trend de la Creme)
Want to look like Karen O? "Get bowl. Put bowl on head." (The Frisky)
Lindsay Lohan's new Fornarina suggests that advertising firms have somehow learned to tap into our nightmares.(jezebel)
Per usual, what the audience wore to L.A. Fashion Week was more interesting than the wears on display. Not better, mind you. Just more interesting. (Racked)
Alexander McQueen calls fashion journalism a, "thinly-veiled exercise in marketing." Totally untrue. It's not thinly-veiled at all. (Fashionologie)
Brearly girls, prep your closets and dust off your maids! Gossip Girl inspires a new reality show, tentatively called NY Prep. It hits Bravo this fall. (WWD)

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