Cha-Ching: Facebook Interns Make More Than The Average American!

Some will argue that between the pay (or lack thereof), busy work, and schlepping around — being someone’s intern is hardly a breeze. Remember those days? But hey, you know what they’ve got to start somewhere, right? Well, in a surprising new study by Glassdoor, it turns out Facebook interns may be an exception and are not exactly working for chump-change. In fact, they are living quite the lavish life and making more than the average American (who nets around $40,000 annually).
We're talking $5,602 a month, averaging $67,000 a year. Um, suddenly being an intern again doesn’t sound too shabby. On top of the mega bucks the social-media giant dishes out, it also supplies interns with employee perks like gym access, laptops, phones, and more. Perhaps it's not that much of a surprise, though, considering Facebook is ranked one of the top companies to work for, but $67,000 a year? Wowza! (Slate)

Photo: Via Slate