Extreme Reality Show: Brooklyn Mom To Birth And Raise Kid Live

When we were in health class we'd always grimace and turn away when we had to watch those graphic videos of people giving birth. Eesh! Even the thought makes us shudder. So we're not sure why anyone would voluntarily watch, or even pay to watch a live birth. But performance artist Marni Kotak expects a crowd next week in Bushwick, where she plans to give birth in front of an audience. Not only is she going to show the world the miracle of childbirth, in a piece she likes to call Birthing Baby X , but she's also going to record breastfeeding, nurturing and diapering her child in a separate segment she's titled Raising Baby X . Okay, we indulge in reality shows, but this is a little off the deep end, no? At least all you mothers out there can now put "performance artist" on your resume– that is, if anyone's interested in watching you spoon feed your toddler soggy cheerios. (Animal New York)
Photos: Via Marni Kotak

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