This Weird-Looking Brush Erases Gross Lipstick Stains

lipstick remover
Even though it looks like something Snuffalupagus might use to comb his hair, this unique little brush serves a much higher purpose. As if by magic, The Pampered Chef's Glass-Cleaning Brush removes lipstick stains from your post-party glassware. It doesn't look so funny anymore, does it? Forget fighting with stemware and plucking glasses from the cupboard only to find forgotten, gross remnants. Erase the red, mauve, and crimson hues defiling your wine glasses in a cinch. Plus, this nifty guy only costs $8.50, meaning you can spread the love to all your fellow neat-freaks, without even thinking about breaking the bank. Genius.
Photo: Courtesy of Henson Consulting.

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