Our Most Embarrassing High School Moments

Illustrated by Jessica Marak
It’s the stuff of nightmares: sitting in a classroom also conveniently occupied by your secret crush, only to have something horrible happen. You throw up. Your pants rip. You suddenly faint. Middle and high school are some of the toughest years to get through, not only because teenagers are raging with hormones, but there's the pressure to be popular and to do and say the right things. All that on top of actually doing schoolwork, too. It’s a lot.
Yes, bad things can happen to nice people. But at Refinery29, we find that those seemingly life-wrecking moments made us stronger, better people.
We’re hoping these stories ahead will help you laugh about your own embarrassing moments. We've all been there — but thankfully, we don't have to be 15 ever again.

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