Elephant-al Style: Pachyderm Looks on the Street

There always seems to be an "it" animal of the moment. In the recent past, it's been the unicorn, the wolf, the deer (antlers), and the peacock that's starts to pop up, not only in fashion, but everywhere. Bands get named after them, people get tattoos of the iconography, and they get referenced in modern home design. So what's the next big animal? We're putting our money on the elephant (all political associations aside). Blame it on a bit of Babar nostalgia (there's an upcoming exhibit of the children's book series at the Morgan Library), but when Anders Soelvsten Thomsen from POP magazine showed up the Cheap Monday show in a sweater that reminded us of the chic French elephant, the deal was sealed. We've also seen it in bling form, from big necklaces to rhinestone-eyed belts, and below we've captured a few elephant au currant looks from Sweden, Texas, and Denmark.
Left to right from top:
Copenhagen Street Style, Copenhagen, Denmark
Anders Soelvsten Thomsen of POP Magazine
Sea of Shoes, Dallas, Texas
Heartattack, Sweden