Ebony and Ivory: Two-Toned Legs for Fall

As the wind starts to whip at everyone's ankles, the fashionable start trading their skirts for more protective pants. As we slide into the new season one leg at a time, we've noticed a parade of two-toned pants on the streets&mdash:blacks, whites, and a smattering of nudes. We've spotted two-timing ladies with contrasting colors on each leg or optical illusion-like opposing shades the front to back or on the sides. Either way, it's a striking way to mix up that old black-and-white look. Eddie from Style Sightings caught a model in contrasting Chanel tights, but if you're watching your wallet (and who isn't these days) you can get your fix with a trip to American Apparel.

Above, left to right:
Copenhagen Street Style, Copenhagen, Denmark
Glam Canyon, London, England

Above, left to right:
Face Hunter, Paris, France
Style Sightings, New York, New York.

Above, left to right:
American Apparel, Two-Color Pantyhose.
Chanel, fall ready to wear.