Dry Conditioner: The Beauty Secret Your Hair Has Been Missing

Last year, we noticed a slew of brands came out with dry conditioners, and as big fans of our beloved dry shampoo, we quickly jumped on board. Anything that can help extend the life of a blowout makes it to the top of our shelves. So, we went to celebrity stylist Oscar Blandi to get the DL on this new strand savior.
No matter what your hair type or texture, everyone should use a dry conditioner,” Blandi explains. There are misconceptions about conditioners in general being heavy and weighing down your hair. However, these are made with ingredients like keratin and softening oils that are distributed through a fine, controllable mist that won’t weigh heavily on your strands. “Besides softening your dry hair, dry conditioners are great detanglers and texturizing tools,” he adds.
The best way to use it is on the second or third day after you shampoo to preserve your blowout, but it can also be used on the first day as a protectant and styling tool. “You need to look at your hair like your skin,” Blandi says. “Like moisturizer for your skin, dry conditioner will help seal your hair’s cuticle, and leave it smooth and shiny, while protecting it from the elements daily."
And, what are the tricks to using this wonder spray correctly? “Misuse of any product can be ugly, so you really need to play with the product to see how much you need, and where it’s needed to achieve maximum results,” he states. If you have straight hair, thick or thin, target the exact ends that need conditioning and work through them with your fingers or a brush. “Whatever you do, don’t flick your hair upside down spray wildly. It makes as much sense as using lipstick on your eyes,” says Blandi. Noted. Dry conditioner can help to recoil ringlets, too. Spritz the end of a tail comb or use your finger to shape the curls.
No matter what type of hair you have, the same rule applies to everyone: Only use a product where it’s needed to prevent build up. Hair words to live by, folks.
Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Conditioner Spray, $25, available at Sephora.

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