Little Miracles: This May Possibly Be The Most Rewarding Career, Ever!

Domino Kirke, Doula at Carriage House Doula, Samantha Huggins, co-founder of Carriage House Doula
London native Domino Kirke has an unconventional yet fundamental role in the lives of her clients. She guides them through one of the most difficult, rewarding experiences of their lives: giving birth.
Tell us how you got your job.
“I started attending births with a friend whom had been a birth doula for a number of years. She always said she thought I had the “birth chip.” I went to my first birth (other than my own), and I was hooked.”
Hands down, best professional advice you ever got.
“It’s not about you.”
sshokrae_domino-131-Edit_sWhat moments on the job do you find most rewarding? (We figured this question would be a gimme for Domino, but, of course, her answer made our eyes well up anyway.)
“Watching a woman right before she becomes a mother … and right after. It never gets old. It’s like I’m seeing it for the first time every time.”

Photographed by Sunny Shokrae

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