Yes, You Can Put Spring In A Bottle — Here's How

You know the first time that you can smell green things growing and tiny flowers emerging from the earth? We live for that smell every year; it's the hope that warm weather is coming and that we will once again be surrounded by, you know, living things, rather than the gray dead of winter.
It's obvious that the girls over at The Beauty Department share our love for those first whiffs of flowers in the air — so much so that they're showing people how exactly to bottle that scent all by yourself.
At first glance, the tutorial may sound a little bit too complicated for us non-Martha-Stewart-y types, but upon closer inspection, the steps could not be easier — plus, they require no special equipment beyond a saucepan with a lid and a ceramic ramekin. The best part about this project? It's totally customizable, so whether you prefer roses, white flowers, or even herbs, you can make the exact fresh scent that makes you happy.
We don't consider ourselves crafty by any means, but we're so desperate to get our spring on that we're dying to give this one a try — we're thinking that jasmine and lavender could be an especially beautiful combination. (The Beauty Department)
Photos: Via Saipua; The Beauty Department.

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