Relive Your Childhood With Oddly Scented Disney Air Fresheners

If you’ve ever been to Disney World, you understand the sinking feeling that pervades the ride home. How can you fathom leaving a place where claiming royalty doesn’t verge on the brink of narcissism, where riding a magic carpet isn’t something exclusive to a fictional sultan?
Well, cheer up, kids. You can now take the magic home with you in scent form! Disney is giving you the opportunity to take their magical aromas to go, including Mickey Mouse ice-cream bars, waffles, candy apples, and, the most evocative of all, turkey legs. (Too bad fairy dust doesn't have a scent ... ) The fresheners feature photos of the park icons and will be available in August. And while we know your Disney childhood memories are dear to your hearts, we're curious to know: Do you want your car filled with nostalgic turkey leg smell? (This is a real question.)

Photo: Courtesy of Disney Parks

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