[Semi-NSFW] This Is Our Jam: Diplo, "Express Yourself" (Featuring Nicky Da B)

Diplo’s new video for “Express Yourself” is about one thing: butts. Fans of his recent collaboration with Usher, expecting a new, more sensitive Diplo may be disappointed; this is a video where booty and body jiggling reach levels not seen since Major Lazer introduced us to daggering a few years ago.
Directed by LILINTERNET, who may or may not have invented #seapunk (If you don’t know what that is, check out Vice’s excellent history here), the video follows a typically dapper Pentz and Nicky Da B as they navigate the vibrant world of New Orleans bounce, where ass-shaking has become almost a form of transcendence. It’s an intense track (to say the least), and the song’s frenetic beat and machine-gun bass shows Diplo in his most aggressive party mode. And like we said in the headline, this video is probably NSFW for some work places (no nudity, lots of booty). Also, if you try this at home, be careful.
"Express Yourself (Feat. Nicky Da B)"
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