Had A Run-In With A Cabbie Lately? You're Not The Only One

Need a lift? If you're a lady in D.C., be forewarned: WJLA is reporting that cabbies in the District might take you for a ride, in more ways than one. In the past three weeks, seven passengers (six of whom were female) have fallen prey to taxicab assaults, which range from getting punched in the face to being hauled out of the cab by their ankles.
The D.C. Taxicab Commission is working on a plan to install panic buttons in cabs by December, but we have to admit to being a little skeptical — after all, if D.C. cabbies can't get on board with accepting credit cards, what are the odds we'll actually see a panic button in a cab? In the meantime, if you can't walk another inch in those heels and need to hail a taxi, we suggest being extra-cautious, and trusting your instincts — if you don't feel safe, there's no harm in waiting for another cab, or just hopping on a Metro bus or train. (WJLA)

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