Biking In The District: Are You Really Safe On Two Wheels?

The DMV is consistently ranked as one of the best cities in the U.S. for biking, but as anyone who's ever pedaled around this town knows, it's a bit more harrowing than those rankings indicate. While the addition of biker-friendly laws and the popularity of the Capital Bikeshare program have certainly made riding more accessible,
is wondering what more can be done to protect cyclists.

In a post today, they report some horror stories that show our "bike-friendly" title may be a misnomer — from parked drivers opening their car doors without warning to cyclists colliding with pedestrians, and worse. Some of these cases are just a hazard of a busy city, but others are rooted in a blatant disregard for laws, or an absence of them entirely.
Don't get us wrong: Hopping on your two-wheeler is anything but a death sentence, but we certainly agree with Washingtonian that there's plenty that needs to be fixed. After all, there's nothing more pleasant than cruising around our 'hoods on a summer afternoon, and we deserve to do our pedaling in peace, right? Tell us — how safe do you feel, biking around D.C.? (Washingtonian)

Photo: Via Washingtonian

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