Daily Diversion: The Complete Ryan Gosling Discography

Perhaps your little heart wept when he crooned in Blue Valentine or you swooned when he sang the "My Little Pony" theme song in a recent interview (who knew he was such a brony?). But if that's your full and total knowledge of the musical works of Ryan Gosling then, lady, you've been missing out. From his early days on the Mickey Mouse Club knocking out renditions of "Motownphilly" all the way to work with his real-world rock group, Dead Man's Bones, Buzzfeed has all the future Mr. Refinery29's greatest hits in one place (and you don't even have to pay $19.95, plus shipping and handling). Just follow the link for the "Now That's What I Call Music" of ladyboners. (Buzzfeed)
Image: Courtesy of Buzzfeed.

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