Daily Diversion: One Man’s NYC Adventures In Dating, Love, And Extremely Hot Sex


We'd be lying if we said that we didn't spend an hour (or three) this morning perusing what very well may be the sexiest blog in NYC. Enter
Boys Life
: an anonymous man, who describes himself as "a 31 year old white male, straight, over 6 feet tall, and maybe too good looking" that has decided to give us an inside peek into his life that may be NSFW. We were actually lucky enough to see a picture (although we were sworn to secrecy), and this boy really isn't being cocky. The site reads like a cooler, male version of Sex And The City, with semi-regular weekly posts that chronicle his dating and sex stories in the Big Apple. Bonus points for the writing—it's as killer as his odysseys, with narratives that read faster than Dan Brown and sexier than Henry Miller. Our simmering crush on the mystery man quickly turned into full-blown (no pun intended) infatuation around noon; we might have popped an ativan for our increased heart rate. We suggest emailing him with some provocative prose and maybe you'll be in the next post. Just don't complain if you get your heart broken.

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