Resell Unwanted Presents On The Down Low With Copious’ Secret Seller

It’s early January and that means two things are happening. Namely, we are already dying to ditch that juice cleanse we started, er, yesterday, and we are being haunted by our annual unwanted present pile. You know the drill, every year at around this time we face the same awkward gift conundrum. To sell, or not to sell that Nicki Minaj perfume set from Aunt Carol? That is the question! Whether it was a set of antique meat grinders (really, grandma?) or some baubles from mom that just weren’t our style, we’ve all wished for an easier and perhaps more undercover way to resell or exchange the present flops of year's past.
Luckily, the folks over at the nifty, online social marketplace Copious have come to the (very timely) rescue with a Secret Seller feature. At long last, all of us dissatisfied present recipients can rejoice! The function allows peeps to list and sell items under an anonymous profile, so you can resell to your heart’s content, sans the paranoia. Don't worry, we won’t tell a soul!

Photo: Via Copious

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