5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 08 2012

In celebration of his 25th birthday, Waldo (as in, Where Is) is popping up on – or rather, blending into — a new line of Comme des Garçons T-shirts and scarves. Finding him just got significantly more stylish. (Lucky)
A wild sense of style, an insane caffeine addiction, major dance ragers, and no boyfriend: Things you can look forward to if you go to fashion school. Are you enrolling? (Fashionista)
Guess which It girl whose style we obsess doesn't like It bags? Hint: It's Diane Kruger. (InStyle)
Self tanners get a bad rep, but they’re only cringe-worthy if others can tell you’ve gotten your sunkissed glow without any actual sunshine. These sunless-tanning tips can save you from any embarrassing streaks. (Stylelist)
Ryan Gosling is, perhaps, the only guy in the world who can get away with calling his mom’s graduation a date. Oh, what we wouldn’t do to be in Eva Mendes’ shoes. (The Frisky)
Waldo Scarf
Photo: Via Lucky

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