Citizens on Patrol: Outside “The Panic is On!”

As we told you on Friday, the Citizens Band's "The Panic is On!" was must-see political burlesque. Too bad their three-night stand is a thing of the past. Luckily, we ran into many of the band mates themselves outside the Theater of the Henry Street settlement and noticed how even those the lights had dimmed, for many of these performers and their audience, the show never ends.
First row, left to right: Sarah Sophie Flicker and Karen Elson, Zoë Kravitz, Citizens Band performers.
Second row, left to right: Malia Scharf, Student/Fashion Intern, The New York Times Magazine, and Leah Wichler, Receptionist.
-243Left to right: Carissa Ackerman, Clothing Designer, Mandate of Heaven, and Claudia Lopez, Digital Librarian for NBC Productions.
-244Left to right: Sam Wheeler and Dino Siampos, Set designers for "The Panic is On"/Creative consultants for Aux Armes, and Leah Wichler, costume designer.