Make Some Noise With This Festive DIY Cracker

If you're a holiday-phile like us, you probably have a surplus of wrapping paper, tissue paper, netting, and ribbon just laying around. What can one make with the dregs from your wrapping-paper drawer? A festive noise cracker!
Not only are they easy to whip up using things you probably already have — we love that they're filled with candy or homemade treats (for those feeling extra ambitious) — but it works as the perfect party favor for your holiday soirée or as a topper for all your lovely gifts.

Click on for our easy how-to and have all your stocking-stuffer dilemmas solved.


You'll need:
Brightly colored paper
Tissue paper
Netting (optional)
Paper towel roll, cut in half
Origami paper
Hershey's Kisses
Twine or ribbon

cracker-3Step 1: Cut construction paper to cover your paper towel roll, and wrap and tape in place.
cracker-4Step 2: Cut two sheets of tissue paper and wrap the roll leaving about two inches of paper past the edge of the roll on either side. Tape a festive print, like origami paper, on top of the tissue.
cracker-5Step 3: Cut a small square of netting and stuff it inside one of the ends so it sticks out.
cracker-6Step 4: Cut a piece of twine or ribbon and tie the end. Fill the cracker with your desired treats and then stuff netting into the second side and tie. Voilà! You're ready to gift!

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