Chris O’Neill

Chris O'Neill
Video Game Designer
Los Angeles
Name: Chris O'Neill
What do you do? I'm a video game designer.
What sort of video games? I design mostly for Playstation 2 and Nintendo D5. My most recent job was The Sopranos game.
What are you wearing? Custom Nike Dunks that I painted myself, J Brand pants, a Zara shirt, Stephan Lirakis Belt, a Morphine Generation hanky, Casio watch, and my girlfriend's sunglasses.
Who is a Style Icon of yours? 2PAC
Describe your personal fashion in 2 words: Brentwood Junkie. I don't know, it just sounds kind of oxymoronic.
Least favorite thing about L.A. fashion? Trucker hats
Where would I find you on a sunday in L.A.? Little Osaka
— Gina Correll

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