Chicago's 6 Most Amazing Architecture Spots

Chicago's savviest British import and all-around tastemaker, Zoë Ryan, was recently appointed Chair and John H. Bryan Curator of Architecture and Design at The Art Institute. And did we mention she's only in her early thirties? Yeah...we're jealous, too. So, when we wanted the scoop on where to find our fair city's most awe-inspiring buildings and structures—there are many!—we knew Ms. Ryan was our go-to. And, as we expected, her list does not disappoint. In fact, her stops will have your heart soaring like a tourist's in no time. And for even more proof that Zoë is indeed ahead of the local design game, check out her current exhibit at The Art Institute, Hyperlinks, the most innovative, and curiously provocative collection of global design projects we've ever seen. Trust us: You'll be glad you didn't miss this one.

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