13 Second City Alums Before They Were Famous

Chicago may not have the same starpower as L.A., but there's no denying that a lot of celebrities got started here — particularly when it comes to our favorite funny people. One big reason for this? The Second City. Long before Stephen Colbert was leading a double life and Tina Fey was doing, well, everything, they were finding their comedic voices right in our own backyard.
As an ode to these incredible success stories, we've rounded up clips of some very familiar faces taking the Second City stage. From Steve Carell to Bill Murray, it's easy to see why they hit the big time. So, next time you catch a show, take notice of the cast. You just might be looking at a future Academy Award winner.
Fun fact: Tina Fey really did have a job folding towels at at YMCA. Also fun? Her short pixie cut.
If there's anything better than a vintage clip of Tina Fey, it's a vintage clip of Tina Fey and her longtime pal Rachel Dratch doing their best Boston accents. Wicked pissah.
Years before Chris Farley brought Matt Foley to Saturday Night Live, he debuted the character in a sketch on stage at Second City, alongside Tim Meadows and Bob Odenkirk.
Just close your eyes... you'd recognize that voice anywhere. This "Insomnia" sketch proves that Steve Carell was just as hilarious back in 1993. And, his co-star Amy Sedaris was no slouch, either.
If you thought Mike Myers' British accent in Austin Powers was good, wait until you get a load of the funny man impersonating a Scottish man speaking French. You'll have an entirely new appreciation for foreign language class.
In this SCTV sketch Robin Williams is "working as hard as a one-lipped girl in a kissing booth" to get you into the Church of Unlimited Credit. Throw in Martin Short, and the results are priceless.
Stephen Colbert's character is concerned about an employee avoiding others due to his obsession with "the convenience of modern technology." And, this was before social media, friends. Too much time with your Apple II computer can never be good.
Bill Murray humorously sums up what it was like working at The Second City back in the '70s. If you ask us, the experience sounds a heck of a lot more fun than our first job.
In another gem from SCTV, Oak Park native Cecily Strong takes a douche commercial to an entirely new (read: absolutely hilarious) level.

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