Under-$20 Buys That Will Make Your Life Way Easier

Quiz time: Which of the following tiny — but aggravating — mishaps have you encountered in the past week?
A) Losing your credit card?
B) Snagging your pricey new sweater as you rush out the door?
C) Missing out on cool plans because your phone died mid-text?
While we're all about keeping a positive outlook, the little annoyances that plague our day-to-day lives can throw us into a major tailspin. And to be honest, they make us extremely grouchy and unpleasant to be around. So for the good of everyone involved, we took on a little research project, setting out to discover what exactly kills our vibe and how to fix it. These 13 problem-solving products — including a tracking device for lost keys and a preloaded, extra-strength Clorox Toilet Wand — do the trick for less than a single Andrew Jackson. Quite a steal for a little peace of mind, don't you think?

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