Digital Deals: Score 30% Off At Candystore Collective

To the lucky few who knocked out all of their holiday shopping weeks ago: We want to be you. However, those of us who have procrastinated like crazy must still face the crowds of fiending shoppers hopped up on eggnog lattes. Unless, of course, a certain favorite e-shop of ours — cough, Candystore Collective, cough — is having an online sale so good that we have no choice but to stay couch-side and shop until our lists are complete.
With over 200 new items added to its collection going for 30% off, Candystore Collective’s online shop has just become ground zero for all of our holiday must-haves. To get in on this crazy-cool deal, — so you can get a cozy wrap for mom or a funky statement necklace for the BFF — just enter code YOUAREGIFTED at checkout, now through December 15. You’re welcome.

Photo: Via Candystore Collective