Bikini Time! Kick Off Your Hot-Bod Goals With This Watermelon Cleanse

Yes, bikini season is here. (Big sigh). Whether you're stripping down at Dolores Park to get some rays or heading out of the city to indulge in some actual summer weather, chances are goals of weight loss and more-conscious eating are dancing in your head. Um, us, too. Which is why we were pretty hyped to hear about CAN CAN Cleanse's newest — and pretty doable — watermelon cleanse, which will be available every Wednesday, all summer long.
A cleanse that's essentially sipping on aqua fresca all day long? Obviously, we were down to try it. The $65, 1-day cleanse includes six 12-ounce bottles of watermelon juice (watermelon, apple, lime, filtered water) and two bottles of cucumber water (cucumber, lime, filtered water) and totals a mere 680 calories. Of course, that means you're going to be hungry. However, as we explained in our larger roundup on local cleanses earlier this year, going sans solids for a good amount of time is all about the battle of the will. We got through it, and lost 1.2 lbs right away. Of course, we'll have to be a good girl at these upcoming 4th of July BBQs in order to keep it off. Maybe we'll just stay by the watermelon table. (CAN CAN Watermelon Wednesdays)

Photo: Via CAN CAN Cleanse

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