Don’t Miss These Super Relevant Holiday-Themed Panels

Typically, when we think of the holidays, we picture a sepia-toned scene of three generations sat around a polished oak table, passing the tofurkey and pointedly asking about your love life ("I said it's complicated, Aunt Peggy"). But this year, that cozy, familiar picture is going to look a bit different. That's not to say, however, that the love, tradition, and togetherness of the season have gone the way of the handshake — they're just taking a new form.
To remind us of the happiness and community that can still be found all around us, Campbell's® is hosting two panels inspired by Hallmark Channel movies. In the first, the conversation will center on "Unexpected Holiday Romance," or finding friendship, love, and companionship in the most never-saw-that-coming places and situations. And in the second panel, an entertaining lineup of guests will discuss how they're going "Home For The Holidays" by creating a sense of safety and nostalgia, even at a time when traveling to a physical destination might be a no-go.
From funny to poignant, remarkable to highly relatable, the stories shared in both panels are sure to bring comfort and joy. RSVP here, then tune in to our YouTube channel Monday, November 9 to remember what this time of year, no matter how it might feel this time, is really all about.

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