Calvin Klein's Newest Project Is...A Basketball Stadium?

While we may not be the biggest basketball fans out there, we can certainly rally behind cute, tall guys working up a sweat, and we love any chance to support our amazing city. Which is why we're thrilled about the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets, even if they aren't team in the league. And now, the b-ball team and The Barclays Center, their stadium-in-the-making, are about to take a turn for the chic.
Calvin Klein has just signed up to be one of the stadium's founding sponsors, and they've got some oh-so-perfectly Calvin ideas for the space. The fashion company will be creating their own Calvin Klein Courtside Club, and a special Calvin Klein VIP entrance, for those who prefer their sports to be viewed from a luxury box. You can expect CK-branded seats (among other design elements), which we're sure will perfectly highlight the Net's new (and, dare we say, glam!) black-and-white color scheme.
The Barclays center is set to open this September, and will play host to tons of concerts and shows, in addition to regular basketball games. For our part, we're signing up for season tickets — even if we can't tell the difference between the key and the lane...
Photo: Courtesy of The Barclays Center

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