Take A Stylish Bike Ride Through S.F. With This Pedal-Happy Blogger

On days (and weeks!) like this, there's really nothing more idyllic than zipping through the city streets and along the waterfront on a bike. And, preferably, a really, really pretty bike, right?
Local blogger and biker Erin Hagstrom from Calivintage knows this all too well and has documented her love of urban cycling (check out her mega-inspiring Cycle Chic column!) with this cute new video in homage to one of her sponsors, the S.F.-based PUBLIC bikes.
"I really love cycling both for sport and as a casual mode of transportation," Hagstrom explains. "You don't need to get decked out in full spandex to enjoy a quick ride around town. And I wanted to share that with people who maybe haven't ridden a bike since they were a kid or are feeling intimidated about getting back in the saddle, so to speak."
Peep the vintage-loving lady cruising through the paths circling Lake Merritt in Oakalnd and in Downtown S.F. and the Mission, on the truly covetable powder blue M8 model by PUBLIC and — if you weren't already — start longing hard for the weekend.
Want even more cool cycle inspiration? Check out local photographer Andrew Paynter's "Girls On Bikes" mini-film for Phillip Lim's (featuring his fall '11 collection). Um, are you swooning yet? Us, too.
Video: Courtesy of Calivintage/Jon Brown