Caboodles Turn 25, And They Look Nothing Like You Remember

caboodles main
New (left) versus old (right). Photo: Courtesy of Caboodles
Allow us to enlighten you with a few things you probably didn't know. 1) Caboodles is turning 25 this year. 2) Caboodles come from Chicago. 3) They still organize your stuff just as well as they did back in the days when all you stored in them was glitter pens, stickers, and friendship bracelet string. If you're consumed by clutter, there's no better time to remember this old favorite. We'd stash makeup in ours, and we're thinking it's a far more chic, organized look than the over-stuffed drawer we're currently cramming product into. Peep new styles (unless you've managed to hold onto your old one) at the Caboodles website to re-educate yourself on how the cool kids store stuff.

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