5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Jun 14 2015

No shame here — Shape has broken the silence on butt acne, the bane of gym-goers' existence. Learn a few at-home treatments and how to bring it up to your doctor.

Though you may be coping with posterior pimples, there still may be some gym equipment you're less-than-familiar with. But, Self 's recent guide to battle ropes has completely demystified this serious core workout for us. Bonus: You feel truly badass while doing it.

Just getting out of bed can be half the battle. If you wake up already feeling tired, try out these eight moves to feel toned and refreshed, even before you've had your coffee.

You can make your average salad even healthier by throwing in an ingredient you probably already have in your fridge. Adding eggs is a simple — and delicious — way to increase your protein intake. Whether you poach, hard-boil, or fry it is up to you.

The latest in what feels like a national posture crisis is the dreaded "text neck." It's a habit that's easy enough to slump into, but following these tips can help you start to correct yourself.

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