A Breakfast-Sausage Recipe To Put Those Frozen Links To Shame

emPhoto: Courtesy of 2 Sparrows.
There's nothing better than a homecooked breakfast, one complete with fluffy flapjacks, an egg strata, and frozen sausage — say, what? If you're like most people, you probably cut corners on those protein-packed links for fear that making your own would be too difficult. Well, anything more than pressing start on the microwave is going to be a bit more challenging — but not impossible.
As proof positive, we scored an easy recipe from chef Greg Ellis of 2 Sparrows restaurant in Chicago, a favorite a.m. nosh spot among locals. With copious holiday brunches in your future, you're going to want to keep this baby bookmarked.
2 Sparrows Breakfast Sausage
5 lb pork shoulder (cubed)
.5 oz fresh sage
.25 oz fresh thyme
.25 oz salt
.25 oz paprika
1. Mix pork shoulder with seasonings until completely blended.
2. Pass all of the meat through a meat grinder.
3. After grinding, put the meat into a mixer and mix on medium using a paddle attachment. While mixing, add one cup of ice cold water.
4. Case into natural hog casing. Enjoy!
Tips To Ensure The Perfect Sausage:
1. You don't need to spend a lot of money on a grinder. This one comes in at just under $30 and will do the trick for occasional use.
2. Grind all ingredients three times in the meat grinder.
3. Keep all ingredients as cold as possible.
4. Let the meat mixture sit overnight in the fridge before casing. Sausage casings are widely available online.
5. When grinding, if you have multiple grinder sizes, start with a large size and grind it once, then use the next size smaller and repeat until the meat is ground to the size that you need it.
5. Experiment with the ingredients; have fun with it! For example, add apples for a bit of sweetness.
7. Chill the bowl you use to blend the meat with the seasonings.

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