Upgrade Your Dude's Hanes: Luxe Briefs You Can Buy In A Minibar

Have you ever tried to buy boxer briefs for your fella? Not so easy, eh? Fancypants underpants aren’t always appreciated (or worn) and what kind of gift is a pack of the same old Hanes he already owns? It's bad gift, that’s what it is.
If you want to upgrade your dude’s drawers (or you're a guy looking for the perfect pair), the super-soft, delightfully minimalistic offerings of Bread & Boxers are finally hitting stores near you. The undergarments brand is the brainchild of two Swedish friends who lost their luggage on a trip to the U.S. and wondered why they couldn't dial room service for a side of underwear with their whiskey on the rocks. Supply and demand, folks. Originally a hit on the hotel circuit where in-need bros could order up a fresh undershirt and boxers like room service, the luxe-quality, no-frills collection is available for order on their site — even if you don't have a room key. Packaged like baguettes, the T-shirts and undies make a perfectly manly gift for your guy — or you could just keep a pack in your apt for a little emergency room service of your own.
Photo: Courtesy Bread & Boxers

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