Boxed Lunch: Audrey Does Coco, Anna Cuts, and Young Dov

links082708.jpgJust as we're about to delve into the worst of the spring/summer collections, New York offers up the worst of fall/winter. (NYMag)
After 60 seconds with Michael Williams, we're lobbying for 60 more. (The Pursuit Aesthetic)
Audrey Tatou as Coco Chanel beats Shirley MacClaine hands down. (In The News)
Well look who we ran into at the thrift store! (Time Out)
Thanks to the gas crisis, Sean Combs is forced to give up his jets and fly with the rest of us commoners. Does Diddy want his bottle? (Vogue UK)
When Anna Wintour suggests a hairstyle change, you best move with the snip-snip pronto. (Gawker)
Believe it or not, even Dov Charney was young once. (Blackbook)

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