The Best Monthly Box Subscriptions To Sign Up For STAT!

As much as we love getting our hands on some new attire, jewels, cosmetics — everything! — we’re often too scrounged for time to step foot into a department store. So then, we're tempted to make questionable online shopping purchases that wind up in the back of our closets (the only way to hide the shame). To rescue us from this dilemma are the nifty, monthly box subscriptions that literally provide whatever our hearts desire. What's not to love about some old-fashioned snail mail, right? Whether you're looking for a less intrusive method to finding that perfect bra or your own personally styled ensembles, these online services deliver. With that, we've rounded up the eight best subscription services. Have at it!
Tog + Porter
Think stylists are only for the rich and famous? Not anymore, thanks to the new fashion venture, Tog + Porter! This online service sets you up with your very own style-savvy expert who, after a virtual consultation, will send you a box of garments and accessories curated to your taste and needs. And, if a pair of steppers don't tickle your fancy, no worries — just keep what you like, and send back the rest. You won't pay a dime more than your usual shopping spree, as you can set your budget anywhere between $200 to $1,500 (which translates to roughly five to 15 pieces).
Birch Box
Consider Birchbox the equivalent of rummaging through your trendiest girlfriend's makeup bag, except this beauty subscription service sends you the loot based on your exact make up (pun intended!), from hair color to skin type. Inside the monthly goodie box are cosmetic treasures in sample sizes, from both high and low end beauty brands. And, you only have to throw down $10 bucks a month (that's about two lattes) to start receiving the products.
If you're not into borrowing your grandma's pearls, don't fret — there's a new way to pile on the jewels. San Francisco-based jewelry delivery service, Rocksbox, will send you a trio of designer bips and bops that you can slip on for up to two months at a time. There isn't even a limit on how often you get new trinkets; just send back to swap for a fresh batch. And, you don't have to say good bye forever — if you're attached, Rocksbox lets you purchase the bijous at a special, members-only discounted rate. At just $19 a month, you'll only look as if you've spent a fortune.
Le Tote
What could be better than Netflix? Um, how about a similar service that delivers fashion instead of DVDs! That's exactly what you'll get when subscribing to Le Tote. The service sends you a box filled with three pieces of apparel, two accessories, and a tote bag that you can wear for as long as you want! No late fees and no time limits, so it's actually perfect for commitment phobes who can't commit to investing in a piece, and for those who shudder at the idea of repeating the same outfit twice. The $49 a month service lets you mix and match pieces in every which way until you’re ready to move on to the next trend (much like the fashion industry folks themselves!).
Photo: Via Birch Box
A * Pour Toi
Francophiles — this subscription service is pour vous! A * Pour Toi (which means, "a present for you," in French) delivers fare inspired by Parisian cuisine, including the Euro region's confections like fudge, truffles, and cookies. The luxe boxes would make an oh-so-sweet pressie for your boss, folks, and in-laws. The service price range anywhere from $58 to $330, and each package can be customized with a special note and photograph so your loved one will immediately think of you each time they bite into the goodies. Ordering this service is a no brainer, c'est ne pas?
True & Co.
Now that you have your ensembles covered, it's time to focus on what's underneath it all. That's right, your skivvies! True & Co is nixing all that discomfort that comes with shopping in-store for bras by sending them straight to your doorstep.To get started, just take the two-minute quiz to uncover everything from how your shoulder straps fit, to the exact shape of your bosoms. Then, you'll start receiving boutique-brand bras that put your girls at ease for less than $50 dinero a month.
Stitch Fix
As the name implies, San Francisco-based Stitch Fix is for those who need their fashion prescription refilled on a monthly basis. Before a withdrawal kicks in, garments (handpicked by your own personal stylist) will arrive at your door. The duds come five a time, and if you keep each piece, you automatically receive 25% off your order. Finally, we can actually be rewarded for wanting it all. Plus, the attire will come with styling tips for dressing it up and down. Stitch Fix is also budget-friendly, with a $20 styling fee and prepaid envelopes to return whatever doesn't vibe with your wardrobe. Yeah, you'll pretty much never step into a crowded dressing room again.
Citrus Lane
When you have a bundle of joy around, there's nothing better than watching your little one go from newbie to toddler. But, with that comes outgrowing those onesies and playthings faster than you can say "ABC". To be there every step of the way, Citrus Lane sends monthly baby boxes for your tot's precise age and development stage, such as the "Back To School" package complete with backpacks, recess snacks, and water carriers. All the goodies are parent-approved, so instead of paid-placement advertising, you know you're in for top-quality merch your child will love. The service starts at $25 a month, and can be lowered with a locked-in 6 month rate for $21. No word yet on if they take Monopoly money.
Photo: Via A * Pour Toi

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