Trendy Bowling Alleys To Invade San Francisco

You most likely already know about the much buzzed about Lucky Strike Lanes bowling alley (an NYC import) moving into the cavernous and now-empty Borders store down by the ballpark. But the club-like space isn't the only trendy bowling experience coming to town. According to the S.F. Examiner, not only is the six-lane venue Mission Bowling Club (Anthony Myint of Mission Chinese Food fame will be doing the food) looking to set up shop on 17th and South Van Ness, it seems that Brooklyn Bowl, another NYC-based bowling spot that doubles as a live-music venue, is also looking for spaces in San Francisco. While bowling alleys in the city have come and gone over the decades, the only places that you can currently get your roll on, the Examiner points out, is Presidio Bowl and a place at Yerba Buena Center, which aren't exactly central (the former) or cool (the latter). So, how bowled over are you (hehe) about the possible semi-ironic additions to the S.F. nightlife scene? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Lucky Strikes Lane

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